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As a member of our "AGENT/AGENCY" opportunity....we consider you not just an agent, but a partner with us.
No matter what level of support or help you need, we will be glad to provide you with a plan and help you grow your business.

Share in our success!
When you sign up for our “AGENT/AGENCY” Opportunity you will be unlocking all the tools you need to double or triple your production. Not only will you be receiving “EXCLUSIVE” leads each and every week, you will be receiving access to some of the best Lead Programs, Selling Systems, Training, Marketing Material, Seminars, Agent Tools and Insurance Carriers available in the industry. By joining National Annuity and Life Sales, you will be working with the right programs and the right people to help you achieve much success in this business.

OUR "AGENT/AGENCY" OPPORTUNITY: Receive access to ALL of the following items:*

*Receive up to 8 weeks of FREE leads to get started with "NALS"*

- "LEADRESPONSE" LEADS - Generated from prospects requesting information
- Marketing material and scripts provided to turn these leads into appointments and sales.

This is NOT a list of names, but actual REAL leads!

1. The LEADRESPOSE leads are generated mostly from information request surveys on direct mail cards, mail order surveys, renewal cards, product registration cards, warranty cards and other advertising pieces that were returned from the prospect via regular mail or in some cases entered online.
2. On the card, the prospect has requested to receive information on Annuities, Mortgage Protection/Life Insurance, Final Expense, Medicare supplement, etc. The information from the prospect is entered into a computer database on a daily basis by a third party vendor we use. We then request from the vendor the most recent returns available in your area.
3. The leads are delivered to your personal e-mail account.
4. The leads are exclusively yours only and not given to anyone else.
5. The leads have phone numbers and complete address information.
6. The leads are based within a 1-10 mile radius (except for rural areas) of your home or business zip code that you indicate on our sign up form.
7. We provide marketing material, pre-call letter and scripts on what to say to turn these leads into appointments and sales.
8. Nationwide, agents are experiencing an average appointment ratio of 20%-30%. That’s an extra 3-4 appointments every week!

Types of "LEADRESPONSE" leads available - Try one type or all 4 types!

Annuity "LeadResponse" leads - Prospects have indicated that they would like to receive further information on one or more of the following: Financial products and/or annuities, reducing or eliminate taxes on Social Security income, reducing taxes on earned income, qualifying for higher interest rates and/or receiving monthly income payments for life. We only provide you with leads that were generated by homeowners age 65-79 with incomes of $35K or more.

Mortgage Protection/Life "LeadResponse" leads - Prospects have indicated that they would like to receive further information on one or more of the following: Life Insurance, paying off their mortgage balance upon death, receiving additional survivor income payments, receiving additional TAX FREE death benefits. We only provide you with leads that were generated by homeowners age 25-49 with incomes of $35K or more.

Medicare Supplement "LeadResponse" leads - Prospects have indicated that they would like to receive further information on the following: Medicare supplement coverage/enrollment. We only provide you with leads that were generated by prospects 64-65.

Final Expense/Senior Life "LeadResponse" leads - Prospects have indicated that they would like to receive further information on one or more of the following: Life Insurance and/or final expense coverage, receiving up to $25,000 of additional tax free death benefits and/or paying off any final expenses, loans, medical bills or funeral cost with life insurance. We only provide you with leads that were generated by prospects age 65-79 with incomes of $35K or less.

Here is just ONE example of a lead card that was sent to the prospects - Click Here

Receive the leads PLUS all the other items included with our "AGENT/AGENCY" opportunity listed below.



- Seminar program for Senior Market sales. We do it for you. - A FIRST IN THE INDUSTRY. If you want to write a ton of business, you need to get in front of a lot of new prospects. This amazing program provides an informative financial presentation done in an entertainment format at a local venue in your area. This is NOT a stuffy, boring and expensive dinner seminar that attracts only plate lickers. Many of our new client events attract up to 100 new prospects per event. The best thing is that we will schedule, advertise and conduct the event FOR YOU! We will even help set appointments for you right there at the event! All’s you need to do is run the appointments in your local area.

- Proven Direct Mail Leads, Voicemail Leads and Telemarketing Leads - Receive easy to close direct mail leads. We use a dynamic, market-tested, turnkey, direct mail program. You choose the geographic area by zip code. These mailers have been field tested and have averaged up to a 5% return rate.* When you order, the cards are mailed within 3 business days which means you can start receiving leads back in as little as 7-10 business days. Plus you will receive marketing material, brochures, guides, letters, scripts and more on how to turn these leads into appointments and sales. We also have telemarketing or voicemail lead campaigns for Annuities, Medicare Supplements, LTC, Final Expense or Life. We use several top vendors in the industry that offers you dynamic, market-tested, turnkey, programs. You choose the geographic area by zip code and select the demographics (age, estimated income, single family homes, etc.).

- Pre-Set Appointment Program with high net worth clients for annuity sales - A proven and powerful system that gets you in front of ONLY Affluent prospects in Your Area...That's the power of Appointment Maker. There is a large segment of the population that will either not respond to a traditional seminar invitation or are uncomfortable discussing financial matters in a group setting. Our Appointment Maker program was designed to overcome these objections. Appointment Maker takes the best of traditional event marketing and adds a more personalized and targeted methodology: One that puts advisors only in front of fully-qualified prospects who want to meet an advisor in a more personal, one-to-one dinner meeting atmosphere.

- 401K and PENSION Lead program and specialized training - NO experience or knowledge in this market is required to be successful. There has never been a better time to be in this HUGE market. New tax laws contain numerous provisions designed to encourage the establishment of pension and profit sharing plans in the small business. Let us help you capitalize on the renewed interest by prospects as they become aware of the advantages contained in the new law. We provide all the training. If you can fill out a one page fact finder, we can handle the rest for you and help you close the sale. Plus "Pension Champions" will supply ALL the leads to you!*

- Prospects Call You/Financial Reports lead system - This program is designed to get qualified prospects to call you. This is simple to do and is extremely effective. Many high end producers get their leads using this type of program. These free reports are also good for handing out to your current clients to help increase your annuity, life and long term care production and to generate more leads. The idea is to run an ad to motivate a prospect to call you for free information on a solution. You then send them a free report on the topic then follow up with a call to get an appointment. Sounds simple, but you need to use an effective ad to get people to call and have something to send them that will motivate the prospect to set an appointment with you. There are 5 ads and 5 reports we use and they have all generated many calls and sales for our agents.

- 4-Step Survey Marketing lead system -

1. We use people in our local area to work for our company from their home to provide us with qualified leads by doing insurance and annuity related surveys. We do this through a unique recruiting ad and job description. We have developed this to attract good, responsible people to work for us. The best part is it costs us nothing to hire them, nothing to train them, and we only pay them a small referral amount if they generate a survey lead that results in a SALE for us.

2. We provide them information gathering survey scripts to generate leads for us. The scripts they use are designed in a survey format. People are more willing to give us information this way. It has taken us years to develop these scripts to work properly. It easily gets the person to want to talk to us and give us information. This increases the number of quality leads we get. We have one script for life and/or health leads, one for annuity leads, one for Medicare supplement/LTC leads and one for auto/home leads. We only receive leads where the customer has requested a quote or wants to buy AND has agreed to being contacted by us to provide the quote or would like an appointment.

PLEASE NOTE*- This is NOT telemarketing; it is survey work and is generally considered not subject to the "DO NOT CALL” list or state telemarketing laws because certain types of surveys are exempt. If concerned, you can consider purchasing a list of names that have been scrubbed against the do not call list. In addition, you can also use the survey system to call businesses.

3. We provide our survey workers with a list of prospect's names, addresses and phone numbers to call that cost us $0. We have found a place that provides us, at no charge, lists of local people or businesses to call. The list includes prospect's name, complete address, and telephone number. However, when we are calling for LTC or annuity leads you will sometimes need to use a more targeted list of people over 65. We have found a very low cost source for doing this, less than $65.00 per thousand. Since our survey workers are calling from their home, we do not have any phone bills.

4. We prepare a quote or comparison based on the exact request from the client. We set the appointment and write the application. Since the survey lead has provided us with the exact details of what the client wants, we can easily prepare a quote or comparison. We call the client who is waiting for our call. We set an appointment or we will take an application over the telephone. We use several companies that have allowed us the ability to take a life or health application right over the phone. We do not do LTC applications or annuities over the phone. Since this program has the ability to produce more leads then you can handle, you can consider recruiting a few agents in your area to work some of these leads. This is a great way to build up your own agency if that is your goal.

Our "AGENT/AGENCY" opportunity includes the recruiting ad we use to find people to work for us along with where we place those ads for free or little cost. The job description and application form we use to get people to immediately sign up to work on a referral basis for us. The four scripts. The form our lead generators use to fill out and fax or e-mail to us as soon as they generate a lead. The instruction pages we give to our lead generators that explain in detail how to do their job. Where we get our free list of local names and addresses for our lead generators to call. Also, our low cost source for names and phone numbers. Plus instruction pages on how to get all this up and running immediately.

- Meet with Business Owners/Protection Strategy Plan lead system - You can use this brochure to hand out or mail to business owners for themselves or for their employees to buy. You can also hire a telemarketer to call business owners to set appointments for this program. This is a daytime activity and is an easy way to get life sales and to get in front of business owners who can afford higher premium life policies. It is an easy appointment to set and a quick simple presentation. If you are selling mortgage insurance, use this system to sell life insurance during the day and spend your nights with your family and loved ones instead of being out late at night. Program includes the direct mail piece, the brochure plus the script for calling business owners. You can also go door to door for businesses.

- You're Interested Letter lead system - We have been using this idea since we started in the business. We use this letter in two ways. First, it is a great direct mail piece or flyer that will generate many leads. Since there are many topics and choices for the prospect to respond to for information, you can send this out to anyone. The second thing to use this for is to give to every single person you have an appointment with or mail information to. It is a great way to provide your client or prospect with a list of what services you can provide. You can also hand these out with your business card to people you meet. You will be surprised at the number of leads this will generate for you by letting people know what services and products you offer. Program includes the letter we use and shows you how to customize it for your company and products.

- Personalized Agent Websites to Sell on-line and generate leads - Receive your own 4-7 page agent website to market and sell annuities or life on-line. The site will allow prospects to request quotes for annuities and life insurance online. Site includes a LIBRARY CENTER for your visitors to learn about annuities, reasons for and types of Life Insurance available. We also will show you how to promote your site and get hits on a daily basis. You also have the option to add a LIVE quoting engine on your site so your prospects can receive instant quotes and application requests.

- Many other Lead Resources also available - Through our partnerships with various vendors we are able to offer to our agents: A Living Trust Service, Targeted Prospect Lists, Seminar Invitations, Internet Leads and more. All designed to help you generate even more leads.


- A back office sales team for case design, product support and case follow up. - We have a staff of qualified individuals to offer you sales support via our toll free numbers. Any type of support you need is never a problem and is always at your fingertips. We are also very proactive in getting your business issued and paid. Our New Business Department takes care of all new business and contracting paperwork. They are there to handle the small but important details for you.

- A back office website for product searches, forms, marketing material and more. - Our site includes a searchable product database of annuities and life insurance plus a term quote engine for quoting multiple term companies. We also have Up-to-date information about products, commission levels and selling tools. Use our site to view Life, Annuity and LTC Product spreadsheets plus see the current industry hot sellers. Also on the site are updated carrier rates, state approvals, product guides, forms, new business applications, carrier underwriting information and much more. You will also have on-line access to some of the best client presentations available. Includes top quality PowerPoint and flip chart presentations, marketing pieces, new sales idea, CD-ROMs, guides, brochures and more. Our partnered marketing organization and insurance companies also have a wide variety of material available for use.

- On-Line training, mentoring, coaching and weekly webinars. - You will have on-line access to some of the best training in the country. Everything you need to know about insurance and annuities and how to sell them. We offer a wide variety of on-line webinars and training courses ranging from basic sales concepts and product knowledge up to advanced selling strategies. We also provide weekly mentoring and coaching sessions to help you grow your business. We also include our exclusive 60 minute audio training. Although it discusses annuities, the concepts can be applied with life insurance sales as well. We cover everything from how to get the leads, how to get the appointments, what we say at the appointments to how we close the sale. You will be amazed at the techniques that are provided in this discussion.


- FIRST APP PROMOTIONS. Receive more lead credits for your first case. - Once you pay for your first Annuity app (at least $10,000 in premium) or first Life app (at least $50 per month in premium) with any of our carriers through us, you receive ADDITIONAL lead credits to help provide you more leads. The lead credit can be used towards our LeadResponse leads, direct mail leads, telemarketing leads, PRE-SET appointments and more.

- Receive additional lead credits for your paid production to use for more leads. - As you continue to write business and once it goes paid for, you are eligible to receive additional lead credits. You can use the lead credits for any of the lead programs we offer. The more business you place with us, the more lead credits you can earn. If you prefer NOT to receive lead credits, you can be issued Marketing Reimbursement or Bonus Bucks Money instead. (See below)

- Bonus Bucks and/or Marketing Reimbursement Money for your paid production. - As a contracted and producing member agent with us, you are eligible to participate in our "Marketing Reimbursement and Bonus Bucks Programs". You earn marketing reimbursement money or Bonus Bucks as your business becomes paid for. You can use the money for any of the lead programs we offer or any other marketing or lead generation programs. The more business you place with us, the more marketing reimbursement or Bonus Bucks you can earn.


- Street or above street contracting with over 35 Insurance Carriers. - We have available to our agents non-captive/no production required appointments with top General Agent street level commission from 35+ major carriers. There is NO cut in commissions with these contracts. You also have the opportunity to qualify for above street level contracts with your paid production.


- You can recruit agents locally or nationwide. - We make it very simple for you to recruit and contract agents right on-line to build your organization. You can recruit locally or nationwide. If you want to recruit or grow your agency, you need to make it simple for yourself, offer something of value to the agent and make it easy for the agents to join. The easiest way to do this is through an effective recruiting and on-line contracting website. There are many ways to drive agents to your site using the internet and more. We will be glad to show you how to do it. You will receive your own personalized version of the same website we use to recruit and contract agents. All you need to do is have your potential agents go to your personal recruiting website. They can view the contracting promotions and contract right on-line. We have even designed the website to give them an incentive to contract AND write their first case with you. Here is the best part. The site we provide to you is almost an exact replica of the site you are on now however it will have your name and contact information on it. Your website will include the "AGENT/AGENCY" Opportunity including the on-line contracting feature. *Small one-time Fee applies to build website.

- We provide a list of agents to recruit on a monthly basis. - We will provide you a list of insurance agents locally or nationwide on a monthly basis (Up to 1000 per month). You can use the list to call or send out direct mail campaigns for recruiting. We currently have access to over 1 million insurance agents in the database. We will also provide you telemarketing scripts along with proven mailers. We will also show you how to send out direct mail campaigns with business reply cards directly from your computer.

- We process all the contracting paperwork for your agents. - We will handle, process and follow up on ALL of your agents contracting paperwork that is submitted. This saves you valuable time and money.

- We can contact your agents and help them get into production. - We will be glad to contact you agents on a regular basis. We will profile them to see what we can do to get them to write business for you.

- We provide access to our leads and lead programs to your agents. - We will provide ALL of your contracted agents access to our "AGENT/PARTNER" Opportunity at NO COST TO YOU. This way you will have something of value to offer to your agents.


Each of the following programs and websites below offer lead programs, specialized training, exclusive marketing concepts, sales material, weekly webinars and more. These programs are designed to help the experienced agent make more sales or the new agent looking to learn a new market.

FOR MED SUPP AGENTS - This unique program concentrates on everything related to selling Med supp insurance including lead programs, training, support, marketing material, cross selling opportunities and so much more. Live weekly webinars are available every week covering a variety of topics to help you succeed in the Med Sup market. The program will also show you how you can build a down line of agents.
FOR FINAL EXPENSE AGENTS - This unique program concentrates on everything related to selling final expense insurance including lead programs, training, support, marketing material, cross selling opportunities and so much more. Live weekly webinars are available every week covering a variety of topics to help you succeed in the final expense market. The program will also show you how you can build a down line of agents.
FOR TERM LIFE AGENTS - This unique program concentrates on everything related to selling term insurance in person or over the phone including lead programs, training, support, marketing material, cross selling opportunities and so much more. Live weekly webinars are available every week covering a variety of topics to help you succeed in the term life market. The program will also show you how you can build a down line of agents.

*Receive access to our "AGENT/AGENCY" Opportunity and Leads
by contracting with at least 1 of our PRIMARY carriers.

(See a list of our carriers above)



A few Testimonials:
Out of my first set of leads I put 3 new clients on the books including a $150K annuity app. I encourage any agent who wants to double their income to sign up! You will be amazed with all the material with this opportunity.
- Jeff K, WI
I cannot believe all the info in your program. Your ideas and training are unique. I have spent thousands of dollars on leads. You have provided me with more material than all the other programs combined.
- David R, FL
I transferred my contract to get the information. I figured, "what the heck" and lo and behold the leads and lead programs turned out to be great. I wrote my first case last week and have 3 cases in the works.
- Charles D, MA

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