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A message from our Company President
"National Annuity and Life Sales" is NOT a lead company. We are not one of those big FMOs where agents are just a number. We are a mid-size NON-CAPTIVE Marketing Organization owned by current and former insurance producers. We also have a support staff of 20 or so individuals to assist our agents and agencies. Our company has helped thousands of agents around the country increase their production by providing them with a specific road map to success, quality weekly leads, advanced sales training, complete support, top level compensation and more. We believe in a more personable and hands on approach with our agents and agencies. Our ultimate goal is to get you in front of more prospects....and help you sell them.

I ask that you PLEASE invest 10 minutes and read about our "Agent/Agency" opportunity by clicking on the pages above. I apologize for the length; however, it was important to be as detailed as possible to help you make an informed decision. I guarantee you have never seen or heard of an opportunity like this before. Do not miss out on this chance to improve your career, income and life!

After reading, feel free to call us anytime. Again, make sure you read this entire website and the opportunity description before you call. It will answer most of your questions.

To help you understand our opportunity and why it works, I must start off by telling you a little bit about myself and our company. I started my insurance career in 1991 with a large captive insurance company selling life and health insurance along with annuities, mutual funds and some P&C. As most agents do, I started off selling to friends and family members. I was also given several hundred orphan policyholders to work. I did well my first 2 years averaging about $30K per year.

However, around my third year in the business I realized that I sold all my friends, family and worked my orphan policyholders many times over. I was beginning to realize the realities of being in the insurance business and why 90% of agents fail......not enough qualified leads and appointments. The first thing I did was to try all of the traditional things agents do. I did some mailers, I tried to do some cold calling for appointments over the telephone and I bought leads from a few lead companies.

This got me by for the next few years. However, my income started to drop each year. So during my fifth year I decided to do something drastic. I decided to quit my captive insurance company and become an independent agent and open my own company. However, I found myself back to not having any clients or leads. Once again, I turned to all of the traditional methods to get leads.

Each year my income stayed the same, but I was spending more and more to attract good leads. I ran across an ad in one of those agent magazines for an insurance lead marketing system. You know, "run small ads and have a thousand people call you for an appointment", or "fill a room up with 1,000 seniors", or "I made a million dollars and now I want to be your mentor", etc. Well, I bought one system for $1500, and another one for $800. I realized after trying these systems they did not work and they were just making someone money by taking advantage of down on their luck agents. I also tried buying some of those direct mail mortgage leads only to find out these people just wanted me to send them some information in the mail and were not interested in an appointment.

So finally my income had dropped to the point where I decided to take a job with a local insurance agency. They said they would supply me with all the leads I wanted, but I would have to give up half my commissions. I also had to put ALL my business with their agency, even if it was my own lead. After about a month I realized that their leads were no better than the ones I was getting myself. It made no sense to give up half my commission for their low quality leads. So I quit and went back to working for myself. At one point, I took a part time job selling security systems to help pay my bills. Easy sale compared to insurance, but I only made $125.00 per sale.

The leads that were provided to me were actually very good. These people wanted the security system and they wanted to see me. The lead gave me all the information about the prospect before I even went out. I decided to check out how the company was generating their leads. It was called "survey marketing". So I decided to use this marketing technique to generate insurance leads. After about a month of working out the bugs and trying different approaches, I was out of the part time security system sales industry completely and back to selling insurance full time. I spent the rest of the year fine tuning my approach. Each time with more and more success.

I have continued to work on and tweak this marketing concept to generate leads. What I found out next is that having quality leads and making sales solved a lot of problems not only in my career, but my financial life as well. Also, by not having to worry about leads any more, it gave me the time and money to develop many other unique ways to generate myself even more leads and to find ways to make getting the sale easier.

"Having quality leads to sell is the key to success in this business and is my top priority for myself and our agents."

Three things always bothered me. First, talking to agents who work for and give up half their commission to captive agencies that provide few or low quality leads. Second, seeing insurance agents claiming to be experts run ads in insurance magazines trying to sell their costly marketing and seminar systems for $1000 to desperate agents. Third, seeing ads for companies charging $30 a piece or more for telemarketing or direct mail leads. My way to generate leads was working so well that I probably could have done the same thing and put together a lead marketing system and sell it to agents for a lot of money or I could have hired a lot of agents and provided them with my leads and take half their commission.

But here is what I did. I decided to share it with several agents and asked them to try it out. I wanted their input on how to improve my marketing idea. The agents I gave it to provided me with their suggestions and together we perfected the program. We then also decided to share all the other selling ideas we had with each other to help us all increase our productivity. This way, we did not have to rely on just one marketing system to generate quality leads.

Using this concept to share ideas, we then formed "National Annuity and Life Sales" in 2004. As our agent membership grew, our one marketing idea turned into a package of many marketing ideas and lead programs from many successful agents. Our group became so large that we were also able to approach different lead companies and marketing organizations to share their ideas and programs with our group of agents. We were also able to go out and get top carrier agent contracts for our agents. We have put together all these ideas, programs, carriers and discounts into one unique opportunity:

Our "Agent/Agency" Opportunity.

(See "Agent/Agency" opportunity up top for complete details on the opportunity.)

Remember, to be successful selling insurance and annuities you need to have a plan of action to flood yourself with good qualified leads on a daily basis. You will also need the ability to turn those leads into appointments and sales. It is much more difficult these days to get a prospect to allow you into their home for a presentation. However, if you take the right approach and work the numbers, you can be successful.

If you want to be a player in this business and make money, then let us help you with getting the right leads, programs and show you how to get in the door. If you want to stay on the sidelines and keep hopping from marketing company to marketing company or keep buying lead program after lead program looking for that magical cure, then good luck because you will never find it. It takes work; it takes the right programs and leads and it takes being around the right people willing to help you be successful.

Agents always ask me “are your leads or programs any good?” Well let me ask you, what are good leads? Answer is..they do not exist. If they did, everyone would be using them. The problem is we, as agents, are searching for that magical system that will produce “orders” with minimal selling. Unfortunately, you are never going to find such a system. Our programs and ideas help you generate activity and appointments. They are designed to take an agent and get him or her in front of people. You still need to sell. However, activity creates appointments and sales. The reason many of our agents/partners have tripled their income over the years is that they are seeing people. It is not the leads, but the sales from the activity our programs generate. A $100 lead is no better than a $1 lead if you cannot make an appointment off the lead or sell your product.

My advice is to stop chasing after that next miracle marketing system offered. Use lead systems that generate activity and appointments, which in turn will help you make sales and improve your closing skills. If possible, place your business through a company that will pay you “marketing assistance or bonus money” to spend however you choose to generate your activity. Finally, be a part of a group that will share with you lead generation ideas, offer suggestions and input on improving those ideas and assistance in closing sales. By joining our program, you will be able to do just that.

Important Warning! - If ANY company is asking you to pay $500 to $1500 up front for their marketing programs or leads, they are just trying to sell you something. They are not in the business of helping you write insurance and annuities! Also, beware of these pre-set appointment companies located throughout the country charging $1500 up front for their services. Many agents we know have been burned. These companies keep changing their names and addresses. Check out any company first at BBB.org.

Thank you again for visiting our site. Again, I want to stress that I do not claim to be a marketing expert, guru, the top salesperson in the country, or making $50,000 a month sitting in my underwear at home. I am just a good dedicated insurance agent who has worked hard and at times struggled throughout my career. Our company has created very good ways to get a steady flow of good qualified leads in agent's hands and provide the training to sell them. Take advantage of these programs. They will work. PLEASE, do not waste your money on those other expensive lead systems. Stop searching for a way to get leads and sign up today so we can have the opportunity to share our programs with you and to help you make sales.

In addition, unlike some of the other programs you may have read about, we will not guarantee that you will achieve success with any program. We can only give you the tools and knowledge to be successful. What you do with it is up to you. We can tell you these are the same tools and knowledge that have helped me and many other agents achieve success.

Last but not least....Please make sure you have read this entire program description. Then, if you would like to ask us any questions before you join, please call us at (877) 208-4308. Again, please make sure you read this entire program description before you call. If you want to check us out then view our report with the Better Business Bureau. Good luck in your selling. I hope you will consider joining us.

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A few Testimonials:
Out of my first set of leads I put 3 new clients on the books including a $150K annuity app. I encourage any agent who wants to double their income to sign up! You will be amazed with all the material with this opportunity.
- Jeff K, WI
I cannot believe all the info in your program. Your ideas and training are unique. I have spent thousands of dollars on leads. You have provided me with more material than all the other programs combined.
- David R, FL
I transferred my contract to get the information. I figured, "what the heck" and lo and behold the leads and lead programs turned out to be great. I wrote my first case last week and have 3 cases in the works.
- Charles D, MA

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